Noel and Liam Gallagher's Legal Battle Reportedly Back On

Noel and Liam Gallagher's Legal Battle Reportedly Back On
Oh boy, here we go again. The famously feuding Gallagher brothers were briefly embroiled in a legal battle this summer after Liam sued Noel over alleged lies surrounding the breakup of Oasis. The brothers eventually made nice, but now Noel has reportedly fired back against Liam's libel claims with legal papers of his own.

The Daily Mirror reports [via NME] that on November 1 Noel filed a 14-page complaint at the High Court in London. It allegedly reiterates many of the claims that started the disagreement in the first place, including Noel's accusation that Liam wanted to use Oasis to promote his Pretty Green clothing line. It also addresses Noel's previous statement that Liam missed a V Festival gig because of a hangover, stating that, although the singer did indeed have laryngitis, he had stayed up drinking the night before.

Documents posted online over here indicate that Noel is accusing Liam of leaving abusive messages on his wife Sara's voicemail and "insulting her and others [Noel] cared about." The documents also say that, on one occasion, Liam was "physically violent" and "[swung] his guitar around in the air like an axe, nearly smashing [Noel] on the face with it."

In other words, if you were hoping for an Oasis reunion, it looks as if you're going to keep on waiting for a long time yet.

On the bright side, Liam has been busy with his band Beady Eye, while Noel Gallagher has been touring with his High Flying Birds.