No Joy Silver Dollar Room, Toronto ON, June 20

No Joy Silver Dollar Room, Toronto ON, June 20
Photo: Kevin Jones
Even after a marathon of shows during NXNE, No Joy still managed to bring their A game for their last performance of the week. A brief tech issue got them off to a rocky start, but soon after the band were shredding wildly as they played songs from their new album, More Faithful.
Jasamine White-Gluz's glowing vocals shone bright on "Remember Nothing," giving the song's eerie psychedelics a more blissed-out feel. The big crashes continued, as vocals layered over luminous swells of "Hollywood Teeth," with fans dancing wildly as the reverb bubbled over the trickling hi-hats.
The set saw the band take a heavier approach to their shoegaze sounds, going big on every riff, with speedy, thunderous drums that made every song explode in a different way. The night ended with one more monstrous jam, as everyone's final shred fest resulted in swarming feedback that swallowed the room whole, adding yet another big ovation to their week of solid shows.