Nightrage A New Disease Is Born

Greek/Swedish outfit Nightrage released their first album, Sweet Vengeance, in 2003 to a moderate amount of praise. Since then they have released the all-too-similar sounding Descent Into Chaos in ’05 and the mould hasn’t been broken for their most recent offering. A New Disease Is Born is nothing new at all; it is merely a record that, although somewhat enjoyable for fans of the Gothenburg style, will certainly get lost in the shuffle. Nightrage simply do not offer anything revolutionary on this album and it causes the listener to simply tune out. Rent-a-singer Tomas Lindberg has been replaced by new vocalist Jimmie Strimmel, who, to his credit, offers a halfway decent helping of clean vocals with his growls. Fans disappointed with the new Haunted record may find solace in Nightrage but otherwise, A New Disease Is Born is just not infectious enough to get into. (Lifeforce)