Nicola Cruz "Prender El Alma"

Nicola Cruz 'Prender El Alma'
Drawing on the aural surroundings of South America, Prender el Alma — the self-produced and self-recorded debut album from Ecuador's Nicola Cruz — perfectly melds indigenous instrumentation and field recordings with modern production techniques into something reportedly called "Andes Step."

The album's title track captures this melting pot feel. "Prender el Alma" has a surging beat vaguely reminiscent of "Cherchez La Ghost" by Ghostface Killah, fleshed out with mutated vocals, shaker, hand drum and flute, culminating with a melange of chirping birds and a brief mouth harp in the outro. In essence, it captures the feel of the rain forest distilled through smooth organic samples and electronic beats.

Snag a copy of Prender el Alma when it hits shelves on October 30 via ZZK Records, and check the premiere of the title track below.