New Found Glory This Disaster: Live In London

New Found Glory's awkward relationship with their fans is perfectly summed up when guitarist Chad Gilbert demands the crowd form a circle pit. Then mid-song, he chants, "Keep that circle pit going!" The camera pans out to the audience and reveals a sea of 14-year-old girls merrily bopping their heads, but nary a circle pit to be found. As much as New Found Glory would like to imagine that their demographic even knows what a circle pit is, the fact is that the band has made a permanent crossover into pop territory, leaving behind any and all punk mosh moves. This is not to say that the band is not tight; in fact, they sound better than ever. New tracks like "Truth Of My Youth" show how much the band has improved over the years, while oldies like "2's & 3's" are still included in the set to please long-time fans. How many long time fans are left may be questionable, but this DVD is a treat for anyone who has stuck around. Plus: behind the scenes doc, acoustic performances, slideshow. (Drive-Thru,