Neil Young Says His New Album with Crazy Horse Is Called 'Pink Moon'

Just like the Nick Drake album?
Neil Young Says His New Album with Crazy Horse Is Called 'Pink Moon'
Neil Young has slowly but surely been giving us details about his new album with Crazy Horse, but now we may have got our most concrete detail yet — or a serious taste of trolling. According to Young, the album is called Pink Moon.

Yes, that's the exact same title as Nick Drake's beyond classic 1972 album, making this reveal a seriously weird one, to say the least.

Adding even more to the confusion, Young made the announcement in the middle of a seemingly unrelated post about the 50th anniversary of his 1969 album with Crazy Horse, Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere.

As Spin points out, here's how Young made the album title reveal:

This album is fifty years old. The 50th anniversary is right now! It stays because it was a high point. Now, coming from the Horse fifty years later, we have Pink Moon. That's our next studio album.

At this point, that's all we have to go on here as to album title of Pink Moon, so your guess as to why Young and the band are choosing this name is as good as ours.

As previously reported, Young revealed the new album with Crazy Horse would be out this fall.

"We believe we have a great Crazy Horse album, one to stand alongside Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere, Sleeps with Angels, Psychedelic Pill and all the others," he previously explained. "Untitled at this moment, our Crazy Horse album with Nils [Lofgren], Ralphie [Molina] and Billy [Talbot] stands as one of our most diverse albums I have ever made and I can't wait for you to hear it."

Pink Moon — if that's indeed its real name — will mark Young and Crazy Horse's first album since 2012's Psychedelic Pill and Americana.

In related news, Young just played Vancouver last night (May 14), and he will play again this evening. You can read Exclaim!'s newly published review of the Tuesday night show here.