Neil Young Is Writing His Own Sci-Fi Novel

It's about a corrupt solar power company that's harnessing the power of shit
Neil Young Is Writing His Own Sci-Fi Novel
As if Neil Young wasn't busy enough, the legendary songsmith has revealed he's working on a new book — and a sci-fi one at that. 

Young confirmed the book is called Canary, and it's apparently centred on an employee at a power company who gets caught up in a web of corruption.

"He discovers the solar company he works for is a hoax," he explained to Rolling Stone. "And they're not really using solar. They're using this shit — the guy who's doing this has come up with a way to make bad fuel, the bad energy, this really ugly terrible stuff, and he's figured out a way to genetically create these animals that shit that gives the energy to make the [fuel]. So he's created this new species. But the species escapes. So it's a fuckin' mess. It's a long story."

As of yet, the book is without a release date, but Young apparently already has an agent working him out a deal with a publisher.

The news comes as Young promotes his new Paradox film, which just premiered at SXSW and will be arriving on Netflix on March 23.

The digital release of the soundtrack by Neil Young + Promise of the Real also arrives on March 23 via Reprise. The CD version is slated to arrive later on April 20, while the vinyl will be out April 13.

Vinyl copies of Young's past albums Live at Massey Hall, Harvest, After the Gold Rush and Greatest Hits are available via Umusic.