Needles//Pins "Polaroid"

Needles//Pins 'Polaroid'
Vancouver party animals Needles//Pins continue to deliver in the single department. Following their recent La-Ti-Da Records 7-inch, the dudes and dudette have returned to record a new one-sided single for the ongoing series from Kingfisher Bluez.

"Polaroid" opens with some plucky guitar leads and a slow-building intro. Seeing as how it's a Needles//Pins song, however, it quickly comes in with some uptempo drums and frontman Adam Solomonian's trademark sneer. From there, we're treated to a poppy punk jam about destroying old photos of people who've wronged you.

Check out "Polaroid" below. The 7-inch will be out in time for the band's upcoming appearance at the Fall Down Get Down festival.