Necrophagist Epitaph

Usually bands with names like Necrophagist are corpse painted, Christian hating and mentally challenged teenage groups. This band is a brilliant exception to the norm. Grinding guitars meet with quirky Nintendo guitar tone riffage to start off the technical and extremely busy sonic assault. There’s no shortage of guitar solos here. Sweeps, arpeggios, you name it, they do it…and rather often. Squealing harmonies are used relatively sparingly, but when executed, are ten times more powerful than those of the bands who abuse the art. The playing itself is flawless; each note incredibly clean and hella heavy. They oscillate violently through the songs like "Cephalic Carnage,” with the brutality of Cannibal Corpse. The bassist is often noodling at a heated pace, trailing the riffs with erratically pulsating notes. They have an ample amount of Decapitated time changes and multitudes of heart stopping beats that go on to capture some remarkably weighty grooves. All of the members of this band are exceptionally talented when it comes to their individual instruments. They’ve perfected a balance between ploughing through parts at a feverous pace and using them long enough to keep it memorable. The songs are challenging yet still cohesive units that to the keen ear are easily identifiable. The disc is a respectable thirty-two minutes and doesn’t miss a beat. (Relapse)