Necro The Pre-Fix For Death

It was a busy year for Necro in 2004 as primary producer of five albums released in the latter half of last year, each catering somewhat to the styles of the respective rapper. Necro promises production on ten more albums this year. Still, Necro proves he’s kept a little something up his sleeve for his newest solo, The Pre-Fix for Death. Of course there’s plenty of the quality production you’d expect from one of the most underrated beat makers in hip-hop, but this time around he fuses some of his hip-hop with hardcore metal to create the best hybrid form since the Judgement Night soundtrack. Despite the large number of metal guests, Necro never really over does it, mostly keeping the metal guitars and vocals to the choruses. Both Jenny Cassabian and Charlie make good vocal appearances on the hooks for "Senseless Violence” and "Reflection of Children Coming Up in The Grave,” respectively. Voivoid’s Away contributes "technical drums and rugged bass” to the title track, and #0 of Slipknot contributes some solid cuts to "Empowered.” Unfortunately, rappers appear less often with just Mr Hyde and Non-Phixion’s Ill Bill, Gortex and Sabac, spread over two tracks. Lyrically, Necro sticks to familiar topics of drugs, sex and violence, as well as adding a little touch of cannibalism for his new brand of death rap. Sometimes it’s a little too much, but kudos to Necro for the attempt. (Psycho+Logical)