Neck of the Woods

The Annex of Ire

BY Mark TremblayPublished Mar 19, 2020

Operating in the middle of progressive, death metal and hardcore, Neck of the Woods are most comfortable combining all these genres, and they bring it all together in one perfect package on The Annex of Ire without ever compromising.
The title track weaves its way gracefully through many musical shifts, and contrasting major and minor chords against one another pervades the record. From the bass solo on "The Annex of Ire," the guitar shifts on "Skin Your Teeth" and the delicate guitar harmonies on "Strange Consolation," there are plenty of subtle twists and turns throughout.
It may often go overlooked, but vocalist Jeff Radomsky's performance is exceptional. Not only is he crystal clear in his delivery, but the variety of ways he attacks the record offers an emotional depth seldom found in metal.
The Annex of Ire is an amazing progressive metal record that dips into all sorts of musical styles effortlessly. If you are looking for a record full of the unexpected, this is worth your time.
(Pelagic Records)

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