Nashville Pussy

Live! In Hollywood

BY Keith CarmanPublished Oct 14, 2008

Other than a few more facial lines and newest bass player Karen Cuda, not much has changed in the Nashville Pussy camp since last performance DVD Live In Paris. While that can be considered a good thing seeing as the Pussy are still as tight and seamless as ever, it’s also somewhat deflating during this hour-plus affair. Foregoing the questionable camera work and editing that result in oddly prolonged shots and uninteresting angles, anyone with even a modest familiarity with the band has seen all of this before, from singer Blaine Cartwright’s stage banter to the expedient delivery of tunes such as "High As Hell,” "Snake Eyes” and "I’m The Man.” It’s not until the Pussy’s home movies bonus material that anything of consequence unfolds, featuring backstage footage from Europe, a brief interview by Motörhead’s Lemmy, performances with Australia’s Rose Tattoo and in Canada. Unfortunately these brief encounters with something a touch more candid aren’t enough to make Live! In Hollywood essential.

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