Naomi Shelton & the Gospel Queens

James St. North, Hamilton ON, September 14

Photo: Shane Parent

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Sep 15, 2014

Still apparently recovering from knee surgery, soul veteran Naomi Shelton was helped on and off the stage by a stagehand at the start and finish of her performance. Such things didn't hinder her performance in the slightest, though. When she began to sing, it was with a powerful, robust vocal timbre that successfully raised the soul and spirits of everyone watching on the overcast final day of festivities via a set of uplifting soul and gospel music.

The three-piece group of backup singers that make up the Gospel Queens provided tasteful support in all the moments that deserved a big gospel chorus, working well in moments of call-and-response or three-part harmonies. The vocal work of Shelton and company was supported equally well by her backing band, bringing the incredibly soulful moments of gospel glory to life with technically sound work from guitars, bass, keys and drums.

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