Naglfar Vittra / Diabolical

Naglfar’s nefarious yet tuneful take on plague metal has been prominent but grossly underrated over the years, with most usually citing Dissection as the pre-eminent force guiding all things Swedish and satanic. While significantly less theatrical than their genre counterparts, Naglfar made their mark with dreary and atmospheric, yet melodious and structured, odes to darkness. In 2001 and 2002, Regain Records took it upon themselves to make sure these two blackened death metal classics would be available to a new generation deeply indebted to their influence. Five years later, they’ve decided to do it once again, re-releasing the re-releases. 1995’s Vittra is re-mastered and includes two bonus tracks: a cover of Iron Maiden’s "The Evil that Men Do,” as well as Kreator’s "Pleasure to Kill.” Also re-mastered, 1998’s Diabolical is the stronger of the two, demonstrating a distinct progression in terms of songwriting, showcasing exactly why many consider Naglfar to be the superior Swedish export. Hats off to Regain; it’s nice to know that neither of these albums have been forsaken nor forgotten. (Regain)