Mystery Machine

Western Magnetics

BY Sam CarsonPublished Sep 11, 2012

After a nearly 15-year hiatus, Chilliwack's Mystery Machine are back with Western Magnetics. The record is a collection of songs recorded between 1999 and 2011, and it shows, as there's no clear thread connecting any of the songs that might help offset some of the chaos of the music. Mystery Machine use effects and distortion heavily, along with some non-traditional song structures, to create some great, catchy noise rock, with quiet vocals mixed into the background. They also evoke moods well through their sound, even if the lyrics aren't given a spotlight. Mystery Machine mix things up frequently, changing tempo and volume to keep things fresh, which keeps each track feeling distinct. Western Magnetics should satisfy fans of the band or any devotee of '90s alt-rock or shoegaze.
(Sonic Unyon)

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