Mykki Blanco Accused of "Rape Silencing" for Deleting Instagram Photo

Mykki Blanco Accused of 'Rape Silencing' for Deleting Instagram Photo
Rapper Mykki Blanco went onto Twitter today (June 9) to explain that she has been accused of "rape silencing" for deleting an Instagram photo of herself posing at a music festival with an alleged rapist.

In a series of tweets, Blanco explained that shortly after posting a number of photos taken at a recent queer music festival onto her Instagram, one photo in particular received a lot of negative attention. The picture, which has since been deleted, reportedly found Blanco posing with a "Queer person of color," whom a number of women had claimed in the comments section is a rapist.

Blanco noted that she did not know the individual, having taken photos with a bunch of people at the fest, and then removed the pic because it was "obviously causing trauma and trigger warnings."

After the photo was removed, though, Blanco began receiving messages saying she was a "rape silencer." Additional messages apparently said that once screen shots of the once-live Instagram photos surfaced, the rapper's "career will be over."

"I am an entertainer. I posted photos of someone who I do not know who has a history with these people online I also DO NOT KNOW," Blanco wrote, adding that her social media profile is not the proper medium for this discussion. "Mykki Blanco is not a private investigator, specialist, therapist or the proper avenue for you to address your accuser on my INSTAGRAM."

A fan later wrote that the women accusing the individual of rape might not have a better platform to bring light to the accusations, but Blanco rebutted by noting again that "these are ALL people I do NOT know dragging me into a past history I am NOT apart of via an Instagram."

You'll find Blanco's tweets, which have now been deleted, about the incident down below.

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