My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult Dirty Little Secrets: Music to Strip By

Much like the classic horror movie, Groovie Mann and Buzz McCoy continue to come back to life as My Life with the Kill Kult, providing a new take on the familiar scene of B-movies, sleazy trailer park sex and tabloid television. They’ve been the Jerry Springer of the industrial scene since they turned their attention away from their cheesy horror film in 1987, and decided to focus on the soundtrack because it was cheaper. This isn’t new material and comprises remixes, outtakes and never before released songs, but there are only a few gems that will appeal to more than hardcore fans. The shaking, swaggering non-industrial song “Hard, Fast & Beautiful-Tight Mix” has plenty of kick-ass friction. Attempts to lubricate this one with the beats give the song an even tighter edge. On “Operation Sex Trip,” the boyz allow Mistress Viva Nova to tie them up with her gorgeous voice. Lydia Lunch even stops by to contribute on opener “Dirty Little Secrets-Lula Lounge,” but doesn’t measure up to the Mistress. The funky industrial number “Babylon Drifter,” from Hit & Run Holiday, has been fine-tuned and ready for some bike courier squishing action. (Rykodisc)