Murderecords Returns!

BY Scott A. GrayPublished Feb 28, 2008

Canadian indie rock icons Sloan are hosting a re-birth party during Canadian Music Week for the re-launch of their seminal Murderecords label. On Thursday, March 6th, label founders Sloan will join their two newest signings, Pony Da Look and Will Currie & the Country French, along with their good friends the Meligrove Band for an evening of music at the Supermarket in Toronto.

Murderecords originated in 1992 as an equally owned venture for Sloan to release their own music through before expanding to become the home of many of their musical friends. With over 40 releases by vital East coast acts including Thrush Hermit, Eric's Trip, Stinkin' Rick (Buck 65's original name) and the Super Friendz, Murderecords has been instrumental in the evolution of Canada's independent music scene.

After reverting to its Sloan-exclusive roots and relocating to Toronto along with the band, Murderecords has been fairly inactive in recent years. In a posting on Sloan's website Chris Murphy wrote that he missed releasing "worthwhile records by other people," seeming thrilled to be back in the label game.

"Over the past few years I had been wishing murderecords was active so we could put out some of the great music that our friends have been making. I’m thrilled that we are reactivating the label and working with Pony Da Look and Will Currie”, Murphy said in a press release.

In addition to a forthcoming new Sloan album currently without a title or release date, Murderecords has material from its new signings scheduled to usher in their new era. Pony Da Look, who describe themselves as "four gargoyles spewing juices from our throats," will find their third album, Shattered Dimensions in stores on April 29, a release date they'll share with Will Currie & the Country French's debut, A Great Sage.

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