River & Sky, Field ON, July 19

Photo: Stephen McGill

BY Matt BobkinPublished Jul 20, 2019

Armed only with a synth, sampler, guitar and her voice, MUNYA knows how to cultivate a vibe. Even on the large Main Stage, Montreal-based singer-songwriter Josie Boivin stayed cool and confident as she delivered her chilled-out synth pop. With her dyed, lavender hair matching her shirt and pants, and clad in a homemade flower crown, she embodied her music's aesthetic before even playing a single note, and carried those calming energies through every song.
Playing tracks from her recently released self-titled debut, woozy tunes like "It's All About You" and "If I'm Gone Tomorrow (It's Because of Aliens)" were given a boost of vitality thanks to her impressive, high-register vocal runs and endearing on-stage presence, which found Boivin discussing the names of her instruments (her guitar, Kevin; her keyboard was christened Greg during the performance) and later inviting a trio of crowd members to join her onstage to serve as her backup dancers.
Though the audience initially resisted Boivin's calls to sit, stand or join her onstage, her affable persistence paid off, and everyone was all the better for it.

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