Mumakil Customized Warfare

I’m not sure if having members of the almighty Knut in your band, as well as lesser-known Swiss bands like Deceit, Nostromo and Stumpfucker, constitutes a supergroup but either way, fans of grindcore are going to dig this outing from Mumakil. Tons of short, fast songs that may not be wildly relevant — in that it seems we have indeed heard them all before — nonetheless sound great when delivered with a crisp production like this, and with as much energy as these guys dish out. Although not quite up to Nasum or Rotten Sound levels, Mumakil are definitely getting there, as the tight drumming (check out "VIII”) and wild riffs demonstrate. One of the better grindcore releases to come out in a while, here’s hoping Customized Warfare gets the recognition it deserves. (Prodisk)