Muffler Crunch

Arc Welder

BY Keith CarmanPublished Sep 22, 2008

When it comes to the sound of Muffler Crunch’s second full-length effort, Arc Welder, comparisons are few and far between. Dynamic and lumbering, oddball yet catchy, this female singer/drummer and distorted acoustic guitar duo are like smashing an apple and orange together and demanding it be dubbed a new fruit. Regardless, said anomaly is still juicy and full of shockingly great taste. Overall, Arc Welder is comparable to many influences, in terms of outlook if not actual approach. Related to the girth of Shallow, North Dakota, the thick lunacy of Melvins and the dichotomous, avant-garde creativity of Jucifer, Arc Welder takes so many strange turns it’s enthralling yet still manages to meander back to the doom-ish roots that confirm its place in the world of art metal. Not only that but it also asserts you have to be an outright freak/genius to make something that would never work on paper so infinitely beguiling.
(Last Drag)

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