Mudvayne The End of All Things to Come

The sophomore disc by Illinois-based Mudvayne is a grand improvement from the band's debut. L.D. 50 was a sloppy amalgamation of the characteristics of bands like Slipknot, Tool and Korn that really gave the band no unique qualities, but apparently a year-and-a-half on the road gave Mudvayne some perspective for the recording of The End of All Things to Come. The disc is crisper and the writing has improved greatly, while the fretless bass of Rü-D is much less intrusive and drummer Spüg does a little less grandstanding. Although there is considerable growth on this disc, there are still elements of their debut that are really holding the band back. The one thing that bothers the most is the lyrical content; the darkness and despair feel forced and the lyrics just don't gel. But The End of All Things to Come is still a step in the right direction. (Sony)