Movin' Cool Revival, Toronto ON, April 21

Movin' Cool Revival, Toronto ON, April 21
Photo: Lindsay Duncan
Though he was billed by CMW as a solo act, Brampton MC Noyz brought his Movin' Cool crewmates B Magic and Dusty Loops onstage to treat the crowd to hip-hop styles both old and new. While the set verged on predictable at points, their music and stage presence resulted in one of the more energetic showings from the crowd that the night had to offer.
As frequent collaborators in the studio, Noyz and B Magic demonstrated undeniable chemistry in flipping between roles as MC and hype man, synchronized when required and never overpowering one another in delivering verses. From the outset, their material was decidedly rooted in hip-hop's Golden Era, commanding the crowd to throw their hands up and bounce for Dusty Loops "on the ones and twos, aka an iPod," as B Magic joked.
In moving towards more modern sounds, the two didn't sound out of place in rapping through the usual double cup and Backwoods tropes, though Noyz led with a disclaimer about he doesn't partake. They split the crowd in half to chant back the lyrics "what you want" and "what you need" for another verbal takedown of lavish rap lifestyles, while an energetic ode to "the wastemans in your life" saw some audience members jump onstage to mob out to a last bit of machinegun snares and bass bombs.
"A lot of these songs aren't even out yet," Noyz remarked at one point later in the set. "To see all of you out here singing along — that's the power of music."