Motherhood Flourish Festival, Fredericton NB, April 26

Motherhood Flourish Festival, Fredericton NB, April 26
Photo: Kyle Forbes
Motherhood and the sounds from their latest, greatest work, Dear Bongo, bounced between the refinished wood floors and tall ceilings of the Charlotte Street Arts Centre on Friday night (April 26), as the venue filled to support this longtime local favourite.
Mammoth bass lines played foil to rock riffs permeated by blues, old world country, doo-wop and contemporary sounds as the band crisscrossed Dear Bongo's tracklist and offered a song or two from 2016's Baby Teeth. Motherhood launched the set with "Bird Chirp," whose sophisticated movements channelled thundering, head-banging passages, rising melodic movements and intricate, contrasting vocal lines.
"You've got me all fucked up," sang Brydon Crain on "Costanza," which saw Penny Stevens swap her bass for her keyboard and a slew of whirring organ and vibraphone sounds. This hometown show represented a brief breath of air for the band, who've spent the last several weeks diligently touring Dear Bongo across the United States and Canada. Their hard work has certainly paid off.