The Zero to One Sessions

BY Matthew HiscockPublished Aug 1, 2005

If Wendy/Walter Carlos had risen to fame for scoring ’70s pornography, this album’s opening track is what it would have sounded like. Based in Brooklyn but brought to us courtesy of Canadian label Nice + Smooth, Mossyrock make up-tempo, instrumental break beats heavy on synths and unusual effects — though that doesn’t really come close to describing the spread of sounds here. In some parts ("Whiskey Is The Devil”) there is a funky Latin flavour, while in others ("Vino Collapso”) it sounds like a Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis production circa Rhythm Nation — until the acoustic guitars come out, that is. So it’s hard to know where they’re going with all this, but yet they pull it off. Kind of like if Tortoise decided to make a "dance” album. How could that not be good?
(Nice & Smooth)

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