Morrissey Signed Other People's Albums to Sell as Merch

He was also hawking T-shirts that read "Fuck the Guardian"
Morrissey Signed Other People's Albums to Sell as Merch
Morrissey's ongoing descent into far-right madness has seen him get literally deplatformed while railing against the media, leftists and protestors. It shouldn't come as a surprise that the former Smiths frontman, like many of his ilk, also enjoys taking part in a good grift.

For his headlining performance at Los Angeles's Hollywood Bowl on Saturday (October 26), Morrissey's merch booth featured signed vinyl at exorbitant, collector scum-level prices — including some iconic albums Moz had no hand in creating.

Photos of the merch booth circulating online (archived below) show vinyl copies of recent covers effort California Son and 2001 hits compilation The Best of Morrissey being sold for $200 USD each.

Look below that, and you'll find copies of David Bowie's Aladdin Sane, Patti Smith's Horses, Lou Reed's Transformer and Iggy and the StoogesRaw Power going for $300 USD each on account of them being "signed by Morrissey." The evening's performance also saw Moz angle for a repeat appearance on GQ's Worst Dressed list by donning a cut-up T-shirt with "Fuck the Guardian" on the front. In case anyone else was looking to become a fashion icon for aggrieved, anti-media types everywhere, those were also on sale at the merch booth for $35 USD. Morrissey's Hollywood Bowl performance was his second last U.S. tour date alongside Interpol in support of California Son. A show in Portland late last month was attended by protestors, speaking out against the artist's support of far-right politics and his incredibly controversial takes on race.

Morrissey and Interpol will wrap the tour tonight in Texas.