​Far-Right For Britain Party Leader Anne Marie Waters Thanks Morrissey for Support

​Far-Right For Britain Party Leader Anne Marie Waters Thanks Morrissey for Support
Morrissey continued to promote his controversial political ideologies on television last week by wearing a For Britain pin on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and now the far-right party's leader has personally thanked the former Smiths frontman for his support.
Anne Marie Waters, who formed the For Britain party after parting with the UK Independence Party, posted a YouTube video titled "Thank you Morrissey!"
In the clip, posted yesterday (May 20), Waters thanks Moz for his continued support and specifically for "giving us so much publicity."
She continues to say that "traffic exploded" on the For Britain website after he was called out for wearing the pin on Fallon. Apparently, they've since sold out of the pins and have had to order more.

Waters also thanks the Daily Mail for their "hysterical coverage," which she claims is only driving more followers to the party.
The video is available to watch here.
The far-right party is notoriously anti-Islamist, and its members were dubbed "Nazis and racists" by UK Independence Party members Nigel Farage and Henry Bolton.
Last year, Morrissey spoke out against the "loony left," claiming:
As far as racism goes, the modern Loony Left seem to forget that Hitler was Left wing! But of course, we are all called racist now, and the word is actually meaningless. It's just a way of changing the subject. When someone calls you racist, what they are saying is "Hmm, you actually have a point, and I don't know how to answer it, so perhaps if I distract you by calling you a bigot we'll both forget how enlightened your comment was."
The singer's latest album, California Son, is due out Friday (May 24) via Morrissey's BMG imprint Etienne.