Morbid Angel

Outdoor Stage 1, Baltimore MD May 26

BY Denise FalzonPublished May 28, 2012

Legendary Tampa, FL death metal band Morbid Angel were one of the big draws at this year's MDF, and rightly so. The group lived up to expectations as they performed for just over an hour, starting with "Immortal Rites," from their 1989 debut album Altars of Madness. Vocalist/bassist David Vincent was a dominant force and an engaging frontman, while guitarist Trey Azagthoth displayed technical proficiency and was full of vigour throughout their set. Morbid Angel performed "Fall from Grace" off of 1991's Blessed Are the Sick and "Rapture" from 1993's Covenant, before heading back to their debut for "Maze of Torment" and "Blasphemy," fully appeasing fans who were craving the old stuff. They did, however, venture into the recent Illud Divinum, which is arguably their most ill-received record in their near three-decade career. But you had to applaud their courage for playing two tracks from that album, "Existo Vulgoré" and "Nevermore," and at least the sound was good. Although neglecting to include anything from the stellar Domination in their set, Morbid Angel had an almost perfect appearance at MDF.

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