Monster Truck

Sittin' Heavy

BY Mark LaffinPublished Feb 17, 2016

Monster Truck's sophomore record doesn't mess around. The Hamilton rock ensemble present us with a clear assertion of what they want to do here, and that is, simply, to rock. What listeners get is a healthy slab of heavy, blues-oriented rock, complete with all of the expected classic rock tropes and with some southern tinged tones.
"She's a Witch" is heavy riff-oriented fare, with an effective hook and wide-open southern grooves. "For The People" and closer "Enjoy the Time" are also highlights, with their Skynyrd-esque southern soul balladry. Things do start to feel a bit tired, though, on the unmemorable "Another Man's Shoes," as it trudges along without really finding its pace.
The band's rhythm section stays deep in the pocket, as exemplified on shameless rocker "Things Get Better," on which the guitars play leading roles and vocalist (and bassist) Jon Harvey provides the perfect centerpiece to deliver this kind of sleazy rock'n'roll testament.
Monster Truck aren't exactly inventing the wheel here, but Sittin' Heavy is redeemed by the band's refusal to care about that one bit. They know their audience, and they bring the goods to them in brash and cocksure fashion.
(Dine Alone)

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