Monomyth Saturnalia Regalia!

Monomyth Saturnalia Regalia!
The songs on this record are covered in some kind of goo. It's a sludgy substance that distorts the sweet, multi-voiced pop songs happily bobbing in the gelatinous haze that Monomyth employ like a force field.

Bred outside of Halifax and enduring their formative years well after that city was dubbed the "Next Seattle," some of the men in Monomyth might cut off their arms for My Bloody Valentine before being tagged Sloan fans. Thing is, Sloan once loved MBV so much, they aped their whole multilayered wash for a couple of years before the giant waves of sound pitched them dizzily onto video sets meant to resemble The Ed Sullivan Show.

Seasoned ears will nonetheless hear shades of Sloan's Peppermint EP or the Super Friendz's Sticktoitiveness tape on this catchy record, but younger people will notice references to G-Unit's Tony Yayo on a song celebrating the swagger of Tupac Shakur ("Pac Ambition"). Killer songs about uncertain longing ("I want something else!" one coda insists), four-track-era production values, swirly, cinnamon-y tones—it's all alluring, like a Beach Boys/Women mixtape.

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