Mogwai "Bitterness Centrifuge"

Mogwai 'Bitterness Centrifuge'
Mogwai will soon be giving up the commercial release of Atomic, their soundtrack to BBC documentary Storyville: Atomic - Living in Dread and Promise. Following a recent video montage for "Ether," they're now streaming the vintage synth fanfare of "Bitterness Centrifuge."

Both beautiful and bleak, the track begins with '70s sci-fi synths melting themselves overtop a slow and steady drum beat. Over time, the piece builds into a rich blur of cannon fire kick drum, trilled guitar noise and a staccato, speaker-flooding keyboard melody.

As previously reported, Atomic explodes into retailers April 1 via Mogwai's own Rock Action in the UK and on Temporary Residence in North America.