Moby Hotel Tour: Live In Leuven 2005

Since Hotel the album was pretty much unlistenable, a DVD of Moby’s recent tour should most likely be unwatchable, but it isn’t. Thanks in part to classic Moby material like "Go,” "Next is the E” and hardcore slammer "Feeling So Real,” which are strategically placed throughout the concert to reconnect the audience to Moby’s roots. That’s important because there’s no straight line when it comes to charting Moby’s diverse musical history, and the trip between Everything Is Wrong and Hotel can be dizzying — dizzying and perplexing, as when Moby has his classically trained keyboardist, Luci Butler, perform "Für Elise” mid-way through. That and his incessant "Thank yous” break up the flow between Hotel’s euro-anthems and Play’s spirituals — something particularly jarring to a middle-aged audience in the throes of rapture. But with arms hanging in the air as though supported by the Holy Ghost himself, director George Scott’s camera beautifully captures the shared revelation of a post-E generation. The DVD also comes with an audio collection of Hotel remixes, most of which do nothing to improve the already bad songs, except for Mylo and Ewan Pearson, who continue to create mixes that defy conventionality. (Mute)