"La Rumba de Kingsway" (video)

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Feb 27, 2015

East Vancouver nonet Mngwa are stringing together a number of cultural touchstones in the new video for their "La Rumba de Kingsway" single, highlighting cumbia and reggaeton sounds as they explore the various landmarks along the city's famous Kingsway street.

The troupe make use of portable, cardboard drums, keyboards and violins as they make their way down one of Vancouver's oldest roadways. At times, the self-described "psych cumbia" unit make pit stops at a Purdy's factory, a football-favouring coffee shop/pool hall, bakeries and restaurants, and more. Scored by the sultry, hip-swaying Latin beat and some spooky organ playing, the video also puts on display a jam session in an underground parking lot, a late night costume party, and more.

"La Rumba de Kingsway" comes from Mngwa's new Vancumbia Ambush EP. The band plays a record release party tomorrow (February 28) at Vancouver's Backstage Lounge.

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