Misfits Famous Monsters

Twenty years and the quintessential B-movie schlock rocker are still going strong and that's not the most amazing thing about this record. It's that after all these years they haven't run out of horror movies to use as inspiration for their songs. This is album number two with new singer Michale Graves, and like their previous American Psycho, is produced by Daniel Rey. While most of the songs are undeniably the Misfits, some take the band in new directions, like the sock-hop friendly “Saturday Night,” which sounds like it would be right at home in the jukebox at Arnold's beside Fats Domino's “Blueberry Hill.” For his part, Graves is coming into his own as a singer, sounding less like he's trying to be Glenn Danzig. It's unlikely this record will bring the band throngs of new fans, but for those who know what to expect, it's a winner. (Roadrunner)