Minor Times Chris Chambers Never Misses

It takes slightly more than 16 minutes and five songs for the Minor Times to destroy, erase, improve upon and surpass all the promise and considerable ability four of its five members showed in their previous unit, the vastly overlooked Inkling. Switching singers and embracing a more direct and ferocious tact overall, Minor Times recalls Inkling at their most hostile but eschews the overtly melodic passages and sung refrains, focusing on rage, never breaking the pace with lament. It sharpens their focus, and could limit their sound, since the catchy vocal hooks and moments of melodic musical weakness have been abandoned, if it wasn't for the fact that the Minor Times fashion an even more complicated and flaying sound than Inkling's. Complex and unorthodox, but not wank-induced, riffs fly by as Minor Times mutilates noise-drenched metal and math-based hardcore in a way that recalls the glory and awe of the recently departed Botch, but is always relentless in its pace, rarely halting for even a moment's breath, which with the EPs brevity only hastens the abuse. Given great sonic clarity and menace by famed underground producer Brian McTerrnan, and featuring an intriguing, slightly sardonic lyrical wit, the Minor Times are poised for some major recognition. (Hex)