Minor Alps "Waiting for You" (video)

Minor Alps 'Waiting for You' (video)
Minor Alps brings together the forces of indie-rock vets Juliana Hatfield and Nada Surf's Matthew Caws, but it's another pair that are pulled into each other's universe in the new video for the project's Get There track "Waiting for You."

The video, directed by Emilie and Sarah Barbault, finds two individuals getting through their respective days on their own, though it's hinted a meet-up is in the works. We see a sartorial man strutting through gardens and city streets before crafting some sort of communique on his laptop. A woman, meanwhile, sips coffee and similarly starts rifling through her tablet from a cozy apartment.

Eventually, the get-together is revealed, but it's not what you might expect, especially following deep, penetrating gazes each actor gives to the camera, while lip-synching in French, no less.

You can find out exactly what happens by giving the vid a peep down below.