Minimal Violence MUTEK, Montreal QC, August 26

Minimal Violence MUTEK, Montreal QC, August 26
Photo: Bruno Destombes
It started off with an eerie foghorn warble that was filtered into submission, before some downright creepy synth lines flittered into formation. From those murky beginnings, we were treated to a sheer onslaught of acid techno and hard-ass rhythms from Minimal Violence.
The outdoor Le Virage stage, run in conjunction with Red Bull Music, was the perfect backdrop for the duo's dank hardware set. There were refurbished cargo containers serving as the bar and the stage, with giant wooden bleachers where you could soak up the light show from afar. There was even a bee farm near the back, and it almost looked like they were jittering to MV's tunes. The whole scene felt like a little slice of an old school rave, and sounded like it too.
MV's percussion was just hammering with intensity, and the melodies remained consistently sinister throughout. It was the perfect vibe for a Sunday night after a long, long festival. It was just what everyone needed at that moment in time.