New Forms Festival Returns to Vancouver with Minimal Violence, Zero Kama, D. Tiffany

New Forms Festival Returns to Vancouver with Minimal Violence, Zero Kama, D. Tiffany
The electronic-minded New Forms Festival is returning to Vancouver for a 2019 edition, and organizers have just unveiled the event's initial lineup.

Taking place from September 25 to 29, the event will feature a ton of Canadian electronic artists, as well as many from abroad. This year, the lineup includes the likes of D. Tiffany, Minimal Violence, Ciel, Overland, Venetta, Diana Boss, Aurora Halal, Kampire, Lafawndah, LSDXOXO, Nene H, DJ Marcelle, Giant Swan, Debit and Afrodeutsche.  

Vienna-based industrial pioneer Zoe DeWitt will also be making her first performance since 1985 at New Forms, where she will resurrect her Zero Kama for the world premiere of BARDO MUZAK — "a reference to Tibetan Buddhist's bardo state, which denotes an in-betweenness of consciousness, usually referring to the time between death and rebirth," a press release explains.

See the complete list of all the festival artists announced so far below.

New Forms will take place at various venues around Vancouver, including the Japanese Language School & Hall and the Pace. You can learn more about New Forms and ticketing options at the festival website.

New Forms Festival's 2019 First Wave Lineup:

Aaron Clark (dj) (Pittsburgh, US / Honcho)
Afrodeutsche (dj) (Manchester, UK / NTS, Skam)
Aurora Halal (live) (NYC, US / Mutual Dreaming)
Baby Blue (live) (Vancouver, CA / s.M.i.L.e)
Bianca Lexis (dj) (Los Angeles, US / NTS, Dublab)
Ciel (dj) (Toronto, CA / Discwoman, Parallel Minds)
Clark Price (dj) (Pittsburgh, US / Honcho)
D.Tiffany (live) (Montreal, CA / Planet Euphorique)
Debby Friday (live) (Vancouver, CA / Deathbomb Arc)
Debit (live) (Mexico City, MX / NYC, US / NAAFI)
Diana Boss (dj) (Vancouver, CA)
Dis Fig (live) (Berlin, DE / NYC / PTP)
DJ Marcelle (dj) (Amsterdam, NL / Jah Moni)
Dreamcrusher (live) (NYC, US / PTP)
Giant Swan (live) (Bristol, UK / Whities)
Ginger Breaker (live) (Montreal, CA / Booma Collective)
House of Kenzo (live) (Houston, US / Halcyon Veil)
Jade Statues (live) (Vancouver, CA / s.M.i.L.e)
Jeremy Toussaint-Baptiste (live) (NYC / PTP)
Kampire (dj) (Kampala, Uganda / Boutiq Electroniq + Nyege Nyege)
King Vision Ultra (live) (NYC / PTP)
KK Null (Japan) & Balazs Pandi (Hungary) (collab, live)
Lafawndah (live) (London / Egypt / Concordia)
Lana del Rabies (live) (Phoenix, US / PTP / Deathbomb Arc)
LSDXOXO (dj) (Berlin, DE / Floorgasm)
Minimal Violence (live) (Vancouver, CA / Technicolor)
Nene H (live) (Berlin, DE / Intrepid Skin)
Overland (dj) (Vancouver, CA / Naive, Sweat Equity)
Prado (live) (Vancouver, CA)
破地獄/Scattered Purgatory (live) (Taipei, TW / Guruguru Brain)
Sherelle (dj) (London / Reprezent)
They/Them DJ (dj) (Los Angeles, US / Directory)
Venetta (dj) (Vancouver, CA / NuZiI)
Via App (live) (NYC / PTP)
x/o (live a/v) (Vancouver, CA / s.M.i.L.e)
Yatta (live) (NYC / PTP)
Zero Kama presents BARDO MUZAK (Vienna / AV world premiere, exclusive)
Ziibiwan (live) (Toronto, CA)