Mindless Self-Indulgence You'll Rebel to Anything

Kudos to Metropolis for attempting to broaden the range of the sound they support, however Mindless Self-Indulgence are more of a novelty act than they are serious musicians. Having toured with groups like Korn and System of a Down, their sound follows the annoying mix of punk and industrial that brings out the worst of both genres. They take a great stab at attacking the mainstream music scene, but these guys are one step away from being trendy themselves and their angry and rebellious efforts come off more like whiny and self-involved. They are loud and aggressive but not in the right ways; just check out their title track. Actually, the band members serve up an aggressively forceful, albeit over-produced sound. It is the vocals of front-man Jimmy Urine that ruin their talent, and they’d be doing themselves a favour by getting him off the microphone. Take a chance on this one and you will feel the dumbing set in the longer this disc plays and taints your CD player. (Metropolis)