Midnight Sweet Death and Ecstasy

Midnight Sweet Death and Ecstasy
From out of the scum pits Midnight have returned, with sole creative and founding member Athenar truly outdoing himself and displaying genuine growth. Midnight's resulting sound is enough to make Sweet Death and Ecstasy an album to be remembered.
While still retaining the sleazy crust punk snarl that Midnight do so well, Athenar has injected further variety into his songwriting, which is immediately evident with album opener "Crushed By Demons." Drawing heavily on an old school heavy metal sound, its slow, rolling pace is built on a sinister riff that brings Sabbath to mind.
"Here Comes Sweet Death" takes the revelry of glam, and lathers it with scum, resulting in a joyous ode to the macabre, while "Poison Trash" is thrash worship from the get-go. Nearly every track on the album perfectly employs elements of its predecessors, yet at no time does the album sound like anything other than Midnight in all their pervy, sex-obsessed debauchery. In fact, Athenar's rabid vocals and depraved attitude anchor the whole record.
Athenar has truly grown as a songwriter, and it shows in spades with Sweet Death and Ecstasy, as he delves deep into his influences and uses them to fuel the next step on Midnight's path towards absolute infamy. Every track here is a single that sticks in your mind and gnaws at your brain to be heard once more. (Hells Headbangers)