Microsillon Some Flavoured Pearls

Ardent fans of Thievery Corporation would be well advised to check out this jazzy/lounge-y/outernational/retro offering from France’s Mr. Wong and Le Poulpe. Those, however, who feel they’ve had their fill of jazzy/lounge-y/outernational/retro albums over the last decade would be well advised to steer clear. Though Mircrosillon’s pearls are nice enough, their compositions are mild and processed rather than fresh and spicy. The opening track, "Lucky” is on par with Thievery Corporation’s "Lebanese Blonde” and Mona Soyoc’s vocals are pleasing in their Shirley Bassey-likeness, whereas Anne Lisbet Tollanes’ vocals on "The Wherewolf” are cloying with their naïve-girl sound. Microsillon have covered their bases for a variety of appetites — they’ve got gypsy rhythms, chilled grooves and a lilting waltz — but there’s nothing here to satiate a true epicure. (Be Careful He's French)