Mew Announce Album, Weirdest Title Ever

Mew Announce Album, Weirdest Title Ever
Prog pop Danes Mew have leaked the details of the follow-up to 2006's And the Glass Handed Kites, as well as what may be one of the longest, most insane album titles ever. Apparently, the title isn't a few words or even a long string of them, but a freakin' poem.

It reads:

No more stories
Are told today
I'm sorry
They washed away

No more stories
The world is grey
I'm tired
Let's wash away

Obviously, No More Stories will be what most people will be dubbing this one when it's release in North America on August 25 via Columbia. And fitting with the extravagant title, the album will feature the above egg/butterfly/clown image as the cover art and, according to the Pitchfork crew, songs with track titles that are pictures. Yes, not words, pictures.

Along with the new album, Mew have some live dates lined up, some of which are with Nine Inch Nails. To see the schedule you can click here.

As far as that tracklisting goes, here are the songs represented by words:

1. "New Terrain"
2. "Introducing Palace Players"
3. "Beach"
4. "Repeaterbeater"
5. "Silas the Magic Car"
6. "Cartoons and Macramé Wounds"
7. "A Dream"
8. "Hawaii"
9. "Vaccine"
10. "Tricks of the Trade"
11. "Sometimes Life Isn't Easy"
12. "Reprise"