METZ Impérial Bell, Quebec City QC, July 12

METZ Impérial Bell, Quebec City QC, July 12
Photo: Shane Parent
Road-worn rock act METZ bring new meaning to the term "power trio." From the moment they stepped on stage Sunday night (July 12) to singer Alex Edkins collapsing on its very floor less than an hour later, it felt like a different form of electricity was running through the Impérial Bell, a venue that, despite its opulent look, felt like it was always seconds away from being reduced to rubble by Chris Slorach's wall-rattling bass guitar, drummer Hayden Menzies' cymbal strikes and Edkins' ear-assaulting riffs and caustic caterwauls.
With their long-awaited sophomore effort and Polaris Prize long-listed album in tow, it wasn't surprising to see some of the biggest responses of the night come in response to singles like "Acetate" and "Spit You Out," but even the outfit's noisier moments had members of the audience forming satellite mosh pits around the natural ebb and flow occurring at the front of the crowd.
To call their whole performance energetic wouldn't quite do it justice. This was one of the most frenetic sets of the festival thus far, with the band not only feeding off the crowd, but making them want to start their own bands as well.