METZ "Drained Lake"

METZ 'Drained Lake'
Toronto noisy boys METZ recently announced plans to achieve Strange Peace with a new album. Now, they've given us another taste of the disc with a new track.

Called "Drained Lake," the song delivers everything we've come to love about METZ. That means there's plenty of distortion-drenched guitars and semi-melodic vocals perched atop a driving rhythm section.

In a press release, the band's Alex Edkins said the song is about "the constant struggle to know yourself and make sense of your life and surroundings. What is my purpose? Holding on to who you are while fending off pressure to bend to what other people want and expect from you."

Strange Peace will land on September 22 via Royal Mountain Records/Sub Pop. Listen to "Drained Lake" below.

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