Metal: Year in Review 2010

Metal: Year in Review 2010
1. Torche
2. Dillinger Escape Plan
3. Norma Jean
4. Kylesa
5. Daughters
6. Bison BC
7. Arson Anthem
8. Melvins
9. High on Fire
10. Dangers

1. Torche Songs For Singles (Hydra Head)
I'm sure this is gonna piss off a bunch of metal heads and create a wave of hate all over the internet," says Torche drummer Rick Smith. Notorious for rejecting the various metal tags thrown at them, from stoner to doom to sludge, Miami's Torche have been pissing off as many bangers as they have been winning over since their inception in 2004. And after the melodic departures of 2008's acclaimed Meanderthal, this year's Songs for Singles only further catapulted the band away from the straight-ahead doom of past musical projects. Initially conceived as a proper full-length follow-up, the band, unhappy with much of the new material, instead opted to release only eight songs, culled together as Singles. "We actually worked hard on finishing those songs, so I would hope the reaction wouldn't be too bad," laughs Smith. "I'm always surprised when people really like our music. Not because I think it's bad at all, but from an insider's perspective, you never notice the kind of attention the records are getting on a grand scale until magazines and people give feedback." Singles also marks the band's last attempt at working alone; while past efforts were always self-produced, Meanderthal saw the band team up with Converge's Kurt Ballou, a relationship they hope to replicate for their next record. "Doing it ourselves just allows us to waste too much time on petty shit and stuff just doesn't get done," says Smith. "We're bad at setting deadlines unless someone else is doing it for us. I think we're looking forward to getting in the studio again with someone new in the near future." As for which of the failed remaining songs from the Singles writing sessions will appear on later releases, Smith is adamant: "None."
Sam Sutherland