Mendelson Joe

Live At Sixty-Five

© Michael D'Amico

BY Jason SchneiderPublished Feb 12, 2010

Despite his eccentricities, there's no musician in Canada who embodies the spirit of punk rock more than Mendelson Joe. As a constant thorn in the side of politicians, and champion for the eradication of both racism and smoking, Joe has rightly earned a place in the hearts of every socially conscious Canadian. What are often forgotten though are his unique musical abilities. It's almost unbelievable to think that Live At Sixty-Five is his first major release since 1988's Born To Cuddle, but the ensuing years haven't diminished Joe's performing skills one iota. Although recorded in fall 2009, Live At Sixty-Five serves more like a "greatest hits," as Joe revisits much of his most beloved solo material, such as "Fragile Man" and "Dance With Joe." The intimate setting accentuates the inventiveness of his guitar playing and his overall unique sense of melody. With Canadian culture becoming increasingly homogenous, Joe couldn't have timed his musical return any better in order to remind listeners what true originality means.
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