The Melvins "The Bride of Crankenstein"/"The Water Glass" (live on 'Last Call with Carson Daly')

The Melvins 'The Bride of Crankenstein'/'The Water Glass' (live on 'Last Call with Carson Daly')
Noise-mongers the Melvins made it onto late-night television earlier this week, but not in front of a studio crowd. Instead, Last Call with Carson Daly presented a couple of powerful performances from the metal greats as captured at a recent show at Los Angeles' Troubadour. As you might expect, it's pretty awesome.

Down below, you'll find performances of Hold It In number "The Bride of Crankenstein," a sludgetastic slice of what the band have been cooking up together these days. Also screened was a monstrous run-through of The Bride Screamed Murder's "The Water Glass," featuring excessively twisted drill sergeant chants and a plethora of military beats.

You'll see mystic robe-sporting leader King Buzzo and the rest of the Melvins annihilating the crowd down below.