Megan Hamilton Feudal Ladies Club

A gently twinkling country/folk gem of an album, Feudal Ladies Club is refreshing and enchanting. Singer-songwriter Megan Hamilton is a new face in the Toronto scene, coming to music from the world of theatre. Her stage background is evident in the songs on this disc: there’s a theatrical quality to her performance that adds to its considerable appeal. Alternating between "tinkly” piano, autoharp and guitar, each of the songs has its own distinct personality — from the quavering country ballad "Don’t Ask Me” to the silly, rhyming and whimsically rollicking "Sleeping on the Floor.” Hamilton’s unpolished vocals possess a raw and penetrating poignancy; wispy and occasionally wavering off-key, her voice seems to echo as if from across a vast abyss, beckoning alluringly but ultimately remaining aloof. It’s this vocal quality, as well as the wistful lyrical content, that gives her music such an overwhelming sense of yearning. A beautiful and quirky album full of character, endearing flaws and delicious melancholy. (Old Farm Pony)