Megadeth Gear Up for New Album '13'

Megadeth Gear Up for New Album '13'
Though thrash titans Megadeth have crafted a number of creative metal masterpieces over the years ("Hangar 18,"anyone?), it turns out the influential act maybe aren't the most imaginative bunch when it comes to naming their albums. Main man Dave Mustaine has just announced their upcoming record, their 13th overall, and it's called, well, 13. If you ask the singer/guitarist though, he'll try to convince you it's a pretty poignant title.

"I started playing guitar at 13 and this is our 13th record and I was born on the 13th. As soon as I said I was going to call it '13,' I started noticing 13 everywhere," the rocker recently told DJ Tom Russell of Rock Radio. "They never used to have 13th floors in hotels, but now they have them again."

Though a tracklisting has yet to be revealed, the disc, which is expected to drop courtesy of Roadrunner Records this November, was recorded at Mustaine's Vic's garage Studios in San Marcos, CA with producer John Karzakis (Disturbed, Sevendust). Studio tracks have yet to leak, but you can check out a live version of new tune "Public Enemy No. 1" below.

In another interview with Pure Grain Audio, Mustaine explains that the new record dabbles with classic gloom metal and modern rock while still retaining that characteristic Megadeth sound.

"[It's] different, a hundred percent different, unlike anything we've ever done before because the guitar sounds are different; it sounds really super-modern," he said, before adding, "If I was going to say it sounds like a particular band, I would say it sounds like really old classic [Black] Sabbath and with a little bit of a modern edge of Queens of the Stone Age kind of thing. But then again, with the twists and turns of music that Megadeth have been famous for over the years, you never know how it'll turn out."

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