Maximum RNR Maximum RNR

Toronto's double-guitar heavies Maximum RNR (formerly Maximum RNB) play it hard and fast in the vein of Zeke, New Bomb Turks and any other speedy balls-out rockers you can name. This is only a two-song CD/seven-inch single, so there isn't too much ground to cover here, but this is a very good representation of what these guys do live, which is blast it out über-loud with enough guitar solos for everybody while the singer gives himself throat polyps. Nice production by Ian Blurton and the use of perennial fave punk song title "D.F.F." (which means Drink, Fight, Fuck in case you didn't know) will make this a perfect memento of your romantic and vomit-encrusted night of seeing these Jager-heads throw down (up?) live. (Independent)